Sunday, October 16, 2005

My Italy Diary: Tuscany, Part 3

We had cappucino in the room this morning and then headed for Siena. We walked around after having a plate of nondescript pasta. The Duomo and Basilica are amazing with layers of green and creamy white, sometimes almost pink, marble alternating. Unfortunately, the front is under restoration so we were unable to see it. They erect a “life-size” facade in front with a picture of how it looks. We did a little shopping and purchased some gifts for friends and family. We tried to head south to visit a few of the smaller towns, but it was too difficult finding the correct routes, so we headed for Castillina in Chianti instead. Not much was going on there as it is Sunday and everything closed early. On the way back we returned to San Donato in the hopes that one of the markets might still be open, but all were closed.

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