Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Fever

Last weekend we had snow and this weekend it was in the mid to high 70’s. We still aren’t sure of what damage the snow did to the seeds we sowed two weeks ago, but the onions seem to be fine and the radishes have germinated, but no real sign of the lettuce or carrots yet. The weather is so beautiful it would be easy to throw caution to the wind and plant all our vegetables, but last weekend is a real reminder of how variable the weather is in Georgia this time of year.

We had intended to get the chicks this weekend but Andy, “The Chicken Whisperer,” was off this weekend. On Sunday we are signed up for the Oakhurst Community Garden’s “Chicks in the City” workshop. So, we think we’ll wait until after that and then pursue getting the chicks.

We spent the weekend with more garden foundation projects; Mr. Man made a gate for the garden area to keep Marley out and put up the trellises for the tomatoes and peas. We are having a hard time finding the trellis netting, but we still have a little time before we plant tomatoes and transplant the peas. I also planted 15 strawberry plants and sowed the spinach seeds.

The seeds we sowed indoors are doing pretty good, well, the beans anyway, they're the tall plants in the photos below—they still have a couple weeks before they go in the ground. Everything else is at least beginning to peak through the soil.

I moved the Cypress trees and cleared out the area in preparation for the coop... Mr. Man works out at the gym with this interesting fellow, Walt, who invited us to come and check out his coop and take the hutch and nesting box if we wanted. His neighbors, an apartment complex, complained about his chickens and the city decided that his coop was too close to them and he had to shut it down. He had made the coop from some old kitchen cabinets. Not exactly my vision for our coop, but we did get a great self-waterer out of it. Guess I might have to design my own coop.

Next weekend we plant more lettuce, carrots, and onions, as well as broccoli, beets, and parsley.

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