Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today A Blue Egg

Our White Leghorn, Letty, has been laying regularly for several weeks now and slowly the eggs have begun to get bigger, some days more so than others. Last week we began to find small eggs again, and although none of the other three hens is supposed to lay white eggs, we thought maybe Buffy, our Buff Orpington, was laying these little gems (all resources I’ve read say Orps lay brown eggs); she does afterall have white ears—supposedly ear color correlates to egg color.

Big Egg, Little Egg

We find ourselves observing our Rhode Island Red (Penny), the biggest of our backyard flock, and wondering what her deal is... she hasn’t yet laid an egg, evidenced by the lack of brown eggs in the nesting box. Today I found one small pinkish-white egg and one blue!! The blue is definitely from Matilda (aka “Tilly”), our Americana. So, we know that at least two, perhaps three, of our hens are laying. Maybe soon Penny will catch on and start earning her keep.

Blue Egg (I know it looks green, but really, it's blue)

The garden is doing well, and we have begun to think about fall plantings. We’ve planted more beets and are ready to get broccoli (yes, I’m going to give it another try), cabbage and spinach into the ground, and maybe some butternut squash, but definitely no brussel sprouts. I hate brussel sprouts. In the meantime, I’m hoping to save tomato seeds from the Heirloom Cherkoee Purple for planting next year. I looked up (thank you Google) how to save tomato seeds and found that you have to ferment them for a few days before drying and storing them.

Fermenting Cherry & Heirloom Cherokee Purple Tomatoe Seeds

Today's Harvest: Cherry, Plum, Juliettes & Cherokee Purple

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