Friday, April 15, 2011

No Dreams, No Hope

How does a Corporatist country maintain control over the people they exploit?
  • They take away their education; $35 Billion cut from Pell Grants over the next 10 years
  • They take away their homes; $605 Million cut from Public Housing
  • They take away their protection; $296 Million cut from local law enforcement funding
  • They take away their access to healthcare; $600 Million cut from community health centers and $3.5 Billion cut from children’s health insurance
  • They take away their ability to feed their families; $500 Million cut from Women, Infant and Children funding
  • They take away their mobility; $1 Billion cut from public transportation
No education, no jobs, no housing...
No food, no healthcare, no protection..
No dreams, no hope...

This doesn’t sound like my country: the proud, just America of my childhood, the America of possibilities of my parents and grandparents, but sadly, it is.

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