Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let the fun begin... a bathroom makeover story

We are finally renovating the downstairs bathroom.  For fourteen years this bathroom has been an embarrassment with its hideous grape-motif wallpaper and dark, claustrophobic walk-in shower. 

Our lovely wallpaper
This is the shower that we actually used for the first 8 years we lived in the house as the people who “renovated” the nice-sized master bathroom with double sinks, walk-in closet and whirlpool tub neglected to add a shower.  Something we chose to overlook when we bought the house, and have since rectified.

There is no light in this shower.  I believe there were
actually glass shades on the vanity lights at one point...
When we renovated the guest bathroom upstairs three (or was it four?) years ago, replacing the claw-foot tub for a frameless shower, we decided to use the claw-foot tub downstairs.  So like any sensible people without a garage or basement would do, we shoved it in the downstairs bathroom and closed the door, which has remained closed ever since.

The beloved claw-foot tub
I have spent the last couple of weeks scouring bathroom books, magazines and websites; picking out tile, fantasizing about sinks—I say fantasizing because the sink I have envisioned all these years is truly and undeniably out of our price range; there is just no way we can justify $1000 for a sink—looking for a tub re-glazer, and searching for the perfect light fixtures for a 107-year-old bungalow.

This weekend the demolition begins.  Did I mention that we, along with the help of my brother, are doing most of this project ourselves?  Should be an adventure...

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