Friday, September 28, 2007

My Italy Diary: Florence, Part 1

We are staying on the residential side of the river, just a couple blocks from Piazza Santo Spirito. This area is much quieter—less tourists and lots of artistan shops and markets. We spent the morning just walking around familiarizing ourselves with our new neighborhood. We didn’t want to wander far as we were to meet our friends from Geneva, Donna and Mary, in Piazza Santo Spirito at 1:30pm. It is somewhat overcast today and we underestimated the temperature. While we waited for Donna and Mary we realized we were both very cold and when they hadn’t arrived by 2:00pm, we decided to risk a quick trip back to the apartment to change into warmer clothing and call Donna’s cell. We were not able to get through to them and spent the rest of the day hoping to connect at some point.

We headed out for dinner at Osteria on Via S. Spirito, which is close by. When we got home there was a note under our door from Donna! They didn't get in until 9:15pm, after a hellish day of one travel mishap after another. We have made plans to meet up tomorrow morning.

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