Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Italy Diary: Rome

We are in Rome; two years after our last trip. I’m still somewhat surprised we made it back so soon. After two years of planning and the last couple of months of anticipation, it is finally a reality. made it so easy; they are wonderful. We met our driver at baggage claim; he very quickly told us he didn’t speak English, but on the way to the real estate office he tried very hard to give us information on points of interest; especially once we were in Rome central. The apartment (which is just around the corner from the Piazza Navona) is great; small, but with everything we need. The downstairs consists of a couch and large, but shallow wardrobe, plus a kitchenette with a table and two long, padded benches. There is also a small bathroom. The bed and TV are upstairs in the loft—accessed by the narrowest stairs I’ve ever seen. It is very comfortable and larger than a hotel, and best of all it on a fairly busy alley with restaurants right outside the main door, and just a couple blocks from Piazza Navona.

We spent today, or what was left of it after we checked in, walking around and re-familiarizing ourselves with the city. We ate pizza for dinner and were in bed by 10:00pm. Tomorrow we plan a full itinerary...

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