Monday, April 20, 2009

The Coop is Finished!

Finally! We spent the weekend finishing the coop, and again, it took longer than expected. I tried to get Mr. Man to take a day off on Saturday so that we could go to the Dogwood Festival, but he was intent on getting this monkey off his back. We spent Saturday building the nesting boxes, very cool, and then the screen door. Seemed simple enough; I thought for sure we’d be done on Saturday and could spend Sunday, barring rain, actually doing something fun—not that building the coop isn’t fun and an opportunity to spend time together, blah, blah, blah... but it was the Dogwood Festival!

Anyway, we built the frame of the door and went to put it in and... it didn’t fit. So, we took it apart, re-measured, and re-cut the wood and put it back together. We went to check the fit... still no love. Even though we’ve worked really, really well together thus far, frustrations (mine) were beginning to surface—I like to blame this on the fact that it was a gorgeous day and I wanted to be doing something else.

So, Mr. Man spent a lot of time planing each side and finally, finally we were able to get it hung. Next we put linoleum down on the floor—not for aesthetics, linoleum is easier to clean than plywood, and since we’ll (tranlation, “me”) be cleaning the hen house every week, the easier the better.

And so, it was mid-afternoon Sunday and we were done.

Next weekend we get the chickens!!!

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