Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coop Update

Despite working two twelve-hour days this past weekend, we were unable to finish the coop. On the up side, Mr. Man and I work really well together, and for those of you who may doubt that I pull my own weight...

I actually like using power tools (except the circular saw—that still kinda scares me so I leave sawing to Mr. Man). We added a window to the hen house door so that we can look in and check out the hens without disturbing them (it was my job to drill the holes in the plexiglas—fun!)

and added ventilation holes with hardware cloth between the siding and interior walls (I got to drill all those holes as well, but this time using a round blade on the end of the drill normally used for cutting holes for doorknobs in doors).

All that’s left to do is build the nesting boxes where the hens will, hopefully, lay eggs one day and the screen door into the coop.

We think with one more long, sunny day we can finish it and then we’ll pick up the chicks—got’a do some research to see who has some for sale now. We are hoping to get four, one Buff Orpington, one Rhode Island Red, one Barred Rock, and one White Leghorn. Regardless of what we end up with, hopefully we get them before we head off to California for a little rest and relaxation, and some wine touring, kayaking and hiking. Our friends Donna and Mary may join us for a couple days—which will be great as I’ll probably need Donna’s influence to get Mr. Man into a kayak.

We also harveted our first raddishes this weekend and the rest of the garden is looking great. The lettuces are growing bigger by the day, and the broccoli has tiny little flowerettes on them. I had to get the beans I started from seed indoors into the ground, well, actually into pots, as they were starting to sprout.

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