Monday, January 24, 2011

Heading to Manila

We are on our way. After Delta changed our departure time to 26 minutes later than we originally booked, we were a little anxious about making our connection in Detroit. Luckily the gate for our flight to Manila was directly across the terminal aisle as they were already boarding as we came off the jetway.

As we readied for the runway in Detroit it was snowing and we needed to be de-iced. So the flight attendants offer us cocktails and we make the best of it. Finally, the plane begins to back out of the gate, only to be stalled by slipping in the fluid used to de-ice the plane. No matter which direction the pilot tried to go (forward or backward) the wheels spun, but couldn’t get any traction and the smell of exhaust filled the plane. To the rescue comes another vehicle to help push us out of the liquid and we are able to move to the line of planes waiting for take-off; an hour behind schedule.

We had a lovely dinner by airline standards, several glasses of wine, a couple of movies and nodded off to sleep around midnight only to be woken around 4:00am in Tokyo (7:00pm local time) to drop-off and pick-up passengers—this was not something we were made aware of when we purchased our tickets—and our made to gather our belongings and depart the plane. “But we are going on to Manila,” I complained. No matter, we must get off and go through security. To say I was annoyed would be mild. An hour later we are back on the plane.

We reached Manila around 1:00am local time, debarked, and waited in line at immigration.

Walking out of the airport into the warm tropical air I was reminded of Florida. We are lucky it is the cool season and in the low 80’s. Our friend, Bob is waiting with the car and quickly loaded us up and headed for our home for the next two weeks.

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