Thursday, October 6, 2011

Respite in the Loire Valley

Saying goodbye to Paris is bittersweet; on one hand, I am anxious to get away from the pace and noise of the city to a much needed respite.  On the other hand, there is so much we have not seen; a good reason to return some day.  All the same, we bid goodbye to Leigh and Mary and board the train for Tours.  We have a first class coach and travel with an interesting and engaging family from Australia, passing the time talking about our travels and families.  Debarking in Tours we rent a car and make the short drive to Amboise.

Chateau des Arpentis
Arriving at Chateau des Arpentis in the Loire Valley we are greeted by a small castle at the end of a tree-lined drive.  It is easily the nicest, most surreal place I have ever stayed—perhaps a better word would be serene.  Our room is in what used to be the attic with large exposed beams and a small sitting area.  The room faces the front of the Chateau where a small pasture resplendent with grazing horses serves as our view.  I can already feel the hectic nature of Paris fading away…

Chateau des Arpentis

For more pictures of Chateau des Arpentis click here.

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