Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Day in Nevis

The Nevis Botanical Garden is located in St. James Parish on the grounds of the Montpelier Plantation.  The garden is privately owned by the Douglas family who rescued it from likely being purchased for commercial development.  The grounds are lush with tropical plants which are lovingly maintained.  

The orchid garden is lovely, but surprisingly there are no exotic species.  What is most impressive is the variety of bromeliads. 

While living in Florida we always had bromeliads; I remember once being told by the county that we had to remove them as the water held in the rosette make great mosquito breeding grounds. 

Lunch is at Montpelier, a beautiful sugar plantation high up the mountain with spectacular views.  We settle for a table out by the pool and are served Rum Punch by Caddy, which are seriously strong.  The settling in nothing short of wonderful.  The pool is surrounded by a beautiful blue wall which complements the water, the bar/restaurant is on one side with the gardens at the end.  We are surrounded by British tourists (if wealthy Americans stay at the Four Seasons, Brits stay at Montpelier), and over hear an older woman exclaiming that her husband didn’t bring her a rum punch, and “I just want my damn rum punch” (you have to imagine this being said with a British accent). 

Crispy Goat Cheese Salad
Later in the afternoon we head for Pinney Beach for sunning and swimming.  Tamara and I decide to snorkel and after retrieving my bag from the car, I discover that I’ve left my mask at the house.  We spend the time instead relaxing in the water, which is deliciously cool without being cold.  We drink Caribs from our cooler and just enjoy the sun.

Dinner is at Oualie Beach for the beach buffet, served in the open-air dining room.  Thankfully we made a reservation as this reserves grilled lobster for the guests in your party as well.  The buffet has a delicious seafood chowder, salads, fish, chicken, ribs and steaks, along with rice and steamed vegetables.  The lobster is brought to the table separately and is huge (and delicious).  We share a bottle of wine and by the time dinner is over we are sated and content.

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