Friday, March 9, 2012

Chrishi Beach

The wind has finally died down on this, our last day in Nevis.  We all opt to spend the day lazing in the sun, swimming, and drinking rum punch.  We pack up and make our way to Chrishi Beach.  Hand’s down this is the best beach on Nevis.  There is a bar/restaurant and comfortable lounge chairs under thatched-roofed umbrellas, as well as a few raised-platform, open-sided cabanas.  The sand is soft, and the water is, of course, gorgeous.  Oh, how I wish we had discovered this spot earlier in the week!  The water right in front of us has a few big rocks just below the surface and some good-sized waves are rolling in, in fairly rapid succession, but wandering down the beach a bit you can wade out passed the rocks to a sandy-bottomed, calm swimming area. The water is cool—although warmer than it has been—and is refreshing after spending a while in the sun.


We have the place almost to ourselves and are enjoying the quiet when a group of 20-somethings show up.  With a vast area to choose from, they decide to set up camp right beside us and proceed to disrupt our solitude.  This seems like a good time to get out of the sun anyway and head for the shade of the cabanas.  We reposition ourselves, and, again, settle in for a tranquil day at the beach.

It has been a wonderful week, and we hate for it to end, soaking up every last minute of sun before heading to the house to prepare for dinner at Coconut Grove

My TripAdvisor review of Coconut Grove:

“We feel fortunate to have decided on Coconut Grove for our final dinner on Nevis.  First, the open-air building with its high, thatched roof is a beautiful and fitting setting for a tropical island meal.  Gary, the owner, is a sommelier and maintains a sizable wine cellar.  Even though we didn't have a reservation we were shown to a table overlooking the beach and water.  The service is also the best we experienced on the island; better even than the Four Seasons. But, by far the best thing about this restaurant is the food.  We started our meal with the onion soup, lobster bisque and 2 way yellow fin tuna.  The onion soup was rich in flavor although low on onions and a little too much toast for my taste, but the flavor was excellent and I was tempted to eat every mouthful and risk being too full to do my entree justice.  The lobster bisque was equally flavorful and rich.  I wish we had another night so that I could go again and have a bowl of this all to myself.  Gary seemed to thoroughly enjoy the tuna, eating every bite with a look of pleasure on his face.  For entrees we had grilled spiny lobster, mahi mahi, and the Creole style seafood stew.  The lobster was huge and grilled perfectly, firm but not dry (my only complaint would be that the butter served alongside was not salted; why bother).  The mahi mahi was reportedly delicious and presented with a lovely fan of vegetables.  The seafood stew also got two thumbs up.  For dessert, we shared the chocolate soufflé which was to die for! I think I ate most of it myself, even though I was unable to finish all my lobster.”

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